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A Passionist Heart

18 February, 2006

What is your experience of living the Passionist Charism? How would you put into words your experience of being Passionist?

“A Passionist Heart” captures an experience – read it here

Why not write something of your own experience and share it with others?


2006 Passionist Companions Programme

18 February, 2006

The 2006 Passionist Companions Programme – a way of reading, praying and reflecting on the Passionist Charism – is available online each month at

The Programme is offered for those who wish to deepen their experience of the Passionist Charism.

Find out more about the 2006 Passionist Companions Programme here

How have you been using the Programme?

The Loving Hands of God – St. Paul of the Cross

18 February, 2006

“Concerning the fears you express. I give my poor opinion. Place yourself entirely in the hands of God” – St. Paul of the Cross to Generoso Petrarca, 2nd February 1762 

The Hands of God – Pope Benedict XVI

18 February, 2006

“We must be certain that however burdensome and stormy are the trials that await us, we will never be left alone. We will never fall from the Lord’s hands, the hands that created us and that now follow us on life’s journey”.  (General Audience, 7th December 2005)