Anniversary of the Blessing of Presentation Retreat, Monte Argentario (1737)

“Despite the ups and downs that gave the community a sense of uncertainty at times, the blessing of the new retreat dedicated to the Presentation of Our Lady in the Temple took place on 14th September 1737. The community numbered five priests: the three Danei brothers, Fulgentius and Charles; and four lay brothers: Peter, Hyacinth and two others whose names are unknown to us.

In addition to the church, it consisted of fifteen cells, infirmary and other necessary places: choir, sacristy, library, kitchen, refectory, storeroom, community room etc., all fulfilling the prescriptions of the primitive rule: “The church shall be of moderate size, with no more than three chapels; care will be taken that everything be as decent and clean as possible. The cells of the retreat shall be about seven feet in width and about nine in length, if possible less rather than more. Offices are to be proportionate to the number of brothers who are in the house; so also the reflectory; the corridor of the dormitory shall be of such width as to allow the passage of two persons; care should be taken that the walls of the cells, dormitory and offices be not too white in order that all reflect poverty and holy recollection.”

History of the Passionists (Vol. 1), Fabiano Girogini, C.P., p. 120 and 122.

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