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Daily Photos from Passionist General Chapter

6 October, 2006

The Passionist Generalate website – PassioChristi – provides information and a number of photos each day from the 45th General Chapter being held in Rome.

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Official Website – Blessed Isidore De Loor, C.P.

6 October, 2006

Visit the official website dedicated to Blessed Isidore  here

2006 Passionist General Chapter in Rome

6 October, 2006

The Passionist General Chapter is being held in Rome during the month of October.

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From the Letters of Blessed Isidore De Loor

6 October, 2006

“Look at this, already it is a year since my profession; and still I feel each moment more at home in the quiet life of the monastery. I cannot begin to describe for you the treasure which the Lord has given me by calling me to this state in life.”

Blessed Isidore De Loor – Passionist Brother

6 October, 2006

Today is the Feast of Blessed Isidore De Loor (1881-1916) 

Blessed Isidore was born on 13th Spril 1881 to a farming couple in Vresene in Eastern Flanders. His life was one of deceptive simplicity and from his earliest years it was always of supreme importance to him that he respond totally to the love of God. For him this never meant dramatic acts of virtue but a readiness to do God’s will in the smallest details of day to day living. He followed a vocation to join the Passionists, and spent nine years as a Brother; then, aged thirty-five, he died of cancer after a long painful illness. Brother Isidore’s great holiness had always been apparent and soon after his death it began to win wider recognition, culminating in his beatification in September 1984.


Lord God,
in Blessed Isidore’s spirit of humility and work
you have given us an example
of a life hidden in the shadow of the Cross.
Grant that our daily work will be a praise to you
and a loving service of our brothers and sisters.

Blessed Isidore, pray for us!

Visit the official website dedicated to Blessed Isidore  here