Chronology of the Life of Blessed Grimoaldo Santamaria, C.P.

  • 4th May 1883 – Born at Pontecorvo, Frosinone, Italy
  • 5th May 1883 – Baptised in the parish church of St. Paul receiving the name Ferdinand
  • 1891 – Made his First Communion at the Church of St. Mary of Porta
  • 25th May 1892 – Became a member of the Sodality of the Immaculate Conception at the Church of St. Mary of Porta
  • 1986 Frequently went to the Monastery Shrine of Our Lady of Grace to pray and confer with the Passionists regarding his vocation
  • 15th February 1899 – Left home for the Passionist Novitiate at Paliano
  • 5th March 1899 – Vested with the Passionist Habit taking the name Grimoaldo of the Purification
  • 6th March 1900 – Made his religious profession as a Passionist
  • 7th March 1900 – Left Paliano for the Passionist Monastery at Ceccano, Frosinone, to continue his studies for the priesthood
  • April 1902 – Received the last visit of his parents and sister Vincenzina
  • 31st October 1902 – First signs of illness while on an afternoon hike with his classmates. He returned immediately to the Monastery
  • 1st November 1902 – Illness diagnosed as acute meningitis
  • 18th November 1902 – Passed on to the Lord in the late afternoon
  • 19th November 1902 – Funeral Mass and Burial in the cemetery at Ceccano, Frosinone
  • 1914 – Grimoaldo’s father passed away at 56 years of age
  • 6th June 1933 – Grimoaldo’s mother passed away at Rochester NY (USA) at the age of 78
  • 1954 – Because of the many favours attributed to Grimoaldo’s intercession, the Passionists decided to begin his Cause for Beatification
  • 28th Matrch 1957 – The beginning of the Ordinary Informative Processes for Beatification in Italy, USA and Brazil. Concluded on 15th January 1964 and the “ACTS” sent to the Congregation of the Causes of the Saints in Rome
  • 20th October 1962 – Grimoaldo’s remains exhumed for formal identification
  • 23rd October 1962 – Grimoaldo’s remains are buried in the Passionist Monastery Church at Ceccano
  • 9th October 1990 – The Theological Commission, in a special meeting at the Congregation of Saints, voted unanimously in favour of the heroic nature of the virtues lived by Grimoaldo
  • 14th May 1990 – Pope John Paul II issued the Decree on the heroic nature of the virtues lived by the Servant of God, Grimoaldo Santamaria
  • 2nd July 1994 – Approval of the miracle needed for Beatification
  • 29th January 1995 – In the solemn ceremony in St. Peter’s Basilica, Pope John Paul II declared Grimoaldo Santamaria “Blessed”

One Response to “Chronology of the Life of Blessed Grimoaldo Santamaria, C.P.”

  1. Richard Turchetti Says:

    I am a direct blood relative to Grimoaldo. My family is originally from Pontecorvo and I’m related through my American mother who is of the Roscia family which is Grimoaldo’s original last name.She is buried in Rochester, where i was born and raised. He changed his name in honor of his devotion to the Blessed Virgin….FYI

    Richard Turchetti, NYC

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