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Luca Danei, father of St. Paul of the Cross (1659-1727)

2 December, 2006

Luca Danei, was born on 7th December 1659, the youngest of nine children. Of the five boys in the family, only two grew to adulthood, the other being Giovanni Cristoforo, eleven years older than Luca and destined for the priesthood. At the time of Luca’s birth the family was still very comfortable in economic terms, but heavy financial losses as a rsult of war began a process of decline which would continue during Paul’s lifetime. Sometime between 1680 and 1685 Luca left Castellazzo and moved south to Ovada.

taken from As A Seal Upon Your Heart,  Fr. Paul Francis Spencer, C.P., p. 16

The month of December

2 December, 2006

7th December 1659 – Birthday of Luca Danei, father of St. Paul of the Cross

9th December 1773 – The Passionists take possession of the Monastery and Basilica of Sts. John and Paul in Rome

9th December – Feast of Blessed Bernard Mary Silvestrelli, C.P.

10th December 1930 – the Cause of Venerable John Baptist Michael the Archangel, brother of St. Paul of the Cross, is introduced

22nd December 1784 – Introduction of the Cause of Beatification of St. Paul of the Cross