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Fr. John Mary Cioni, C.P. – a man of God esteemed by the Founder

4 February, 2007

Father Philip wrote: “From 1764 until his death Fr. John Mary Cioni held major offices and from that time as long as the venerable Father Paul lived he resided almost always with him, was his confessor, and was worthy of sharing the divine inspirations bestowed on the saint. He was greatly esteemed and loved by the founder.”

The chief reason for the founder’s appreciation of Fr. John Mary lay in the fact that he knew him to be a man of deep spiritual life and of prayer, as he once wrote to a Bishop and later repeated to Father Thomas Struzzieri, who was then engaged in the apostolic visitation of Corsica.  Shortly before his death the founder again testified to this. When rejoicing at Fr. John Mary’s return from the mission at Caprarola, he said to the infirmarian, Brother Bartholomew, “I have always loved him very much, and he has loved me; and now you see how he has come to assist me and to close my eyes”.

– History of the Passionists,  Volume 2 Part 1, Fr. Carmello Naselli, C.P., p. 103.