Fr. Julian Tenison Woods and the Passionists

Yesterday, Fr. Julian Tenison Woods who is buried at the Waverley Cemetery in Sydney, received a visit and a prayer from the Passionists.

Blessed Mother Mary MacKillop writes in her life of Father Julian Tenison Woods –

Julian Tenison Woods entered the Passionist Novitiate at St. Saviour’s Retreat, Broadway, Worcs, in 1851. He spent some time after profession in Passionist Monasteries at Aston Hall and The Hyde. He left the order in 1852.

He was not long with the Passionists when his health broke down, and after being removed from one house to another for a change, without any permanent benefit, it was considered by those who had a right to judge that the austerities of the Order were greater than his constitution could bear. Looking back after a half century, one feels it was surely the work of that Provincence “That shapes our ends, rough hew them as he will.”

Leaving his order was a bitter disappointment to the fervent novice, but he cherished the firm hope that his departure was only a temporary one. His earnestly trusting soul could not doubt that his persevering prayer would yet be heard, that his health would be restored and that he might yet return. He was still so young (too young and delicate for the life he had chosen); a little change – a few months rest – would set him right again; therefore merely accepting the cross that fell to his lot, he turned to the busy world, though he could not stifle his deep regret at leaving the peaceful Retreat – a lifelong regret from which he was never afterwards separated.

Blessed Mary later writes –

On the 6th September, the doctor pronounced the case hopeless, and the Viaticum was administered. The old longing for the Religious Order which in his youth he had joined, and had been compelled to leave, still clung to him; and now, after all these long years, his hope was realised. Father Marcellus, at the request of the dying priest, invested him once more in the habit of the Passionists.

Early next morning, the longed for end had come, Father Marcellus being with him at the last.

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    Good post, thanks a lot!

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