Letter of St. Paul of the Cross to Sister Maria Cherubina Bresciani, 16th June 1741

May our gentle Jesus live! 

My Daughter in Jesus Christ, 

Before leaving the Retreat to come to this island, where I have come to establish another Retreat, I received your welcome letter. I do not have time to reply adequately because I am leaving today. I am sharing some of the news. Thanks to our Jesus, our Rules and Constitutions have been approved by the Sovereign Pontiff under title of The Congregation of the Least Discalced Clerics Regular with the dedication to The Holy Cross and Passion of Jesus. We are allowed to bear the admirable sign of salvation with the sweet Name of Jesus and the name of the Passion written in white letters within a heart, on which is placed the holy cross in white. We have this on both tunic and mantle and are wearing it now since we made profession of our vows last Sunday. 

Oh! how gentle and sweet is our Jesus, for after the storms, we have calm; after the clouds, a clear sky. Courage, my daughter, and spend yourself before God that the infant Congregation, given milk at the bosom of divine love, may be bathed in his Precious Blood. The devil rages. Paul is in a storm and the Great Pilot steers him. Pray that the foundation of this Retreat may be secured. Jesus bless you. I am writing in haste, for I wish to get going.You may share with the Mother Abbess and all the nuns so that they may praise and thank God. Do not use my last name in writing, rather write “of the Cross.” 

Your true servant, 

Paul of the Cross,


Least Discalced Cleric Regular

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