Fr. Fulgenzio Pastorelli, C.P. – First Novice Master of the Passionist Congregation

Father Fulgentius Pastorelli (1710-1755) was already a priest when he joined St. Paul of the Cross in 1735. An affable and peaceful character, he resembled St. Paul of the Cross is many aspects, particuarly in his capacity for infusing confidence in the religious and in persons who had recourse to him.

He was the first novice master and served in that capacity from 1741 until his death, except for a brief period of illness when Father Marcoaurelius replaced him. He was also the first rector of Presentation Retreat at Monte Argentario, on St. Paul of the Cross leaving office to assume the duties of Superior General of the Passionists. 

Fulgenzio was also elected General Consultor but declined that office because of the distance between Monte Argentario and St. Angelo at Vetralla, which made him unable to give the necessary help.

From the letters of St. Paul of the Cross you can infer the mutual esteem and trust they had and the burden Fr. Fulgenzio bore in spite of his constantly failing health. He was left in a very bad condition after being attacked by a horse that trampled him, hurting his chest and kidneys. He lived his crucifixion in serene surrender to Christ Crucified, never complaining of the burden which the services of the community and the novices demanded of him.  His influence in forming the first Passionists was great. He infused in the young men love for their vocation, esteem for the Passionist Rule and zeal in promoting the memory of the Passion of Jesus.

History of the Passionists, Fabiano Giorgini, C.P., Volume 1, p. 564.

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