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The Earthquake in Pisco, Mexico

20 August, 2007

In Pisco, where 150 Mass-goers died while attending a funeral as the earthquake hit, statues recovered from the collapsed church of San Clemente were put on an emotional public display.

Desparate and ragged residents, most of them hungry people who hadn’t slept under a roof since the quake, thronged around the Christ statue in amazement as it was carried in procession into the square by half a dozen men in hard hats and masks.

The survival of the religious figures gave people hope and something to celebrate in their desolation.

“The Lord is present here with us, along with the saints, it’s a miracle they weren’t destroyed,” said Amelia Ugaz de Aria, whose home was flattened by the earth quake.

Lourdes Girau sobbed as she knelt before Jesus and with a rag dusted off the wooden cross he was nailed to.

“The fact that he’s here, shows Jesus continue to live to fight so much tragedy.” Girua said.