A Reflection from the writings of St. Francis de Sales

“The way to honour God whose handiwork we are, is to be how we are, as perfectly as we can. If it enough to be what God wants us to be, rather than some perfect creature that God never had in mind.  Suppose you are the most perfect being you could possibly imagine. So what? If you were not the person God had in mind at the moment of your creation, what good would it do you?  It is also enough to do whatever it is that you can do being who you are, and where you are. Just do wholeheartedly what you know God is asking of you. Don’t bother yourself about whether or not what God asks of you is important and grand. Whether your actions are insignificant or nor does not matter, if they are God’s will. How could you be disappointed at even the smallest opportunity if you know that it is God’s will – born of his providential concern for you, and chosen for you in his eternal wisdom?”

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