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The Writings of Blessed Dominic Barberi, C.P. and the Servant of God Fr. Ignatius Spencer, C.P.

7 August, 2007

A new weblog appears from a friend of the Passionists in England – the purpose of the blog is to disseminate the works of, and devotion to, Blessed Dominic Barberi, C.P., and the Servant of God Father Ignatius Spencer, C.P.

You can view the new blog  here

Thanks M.A. – the prayers of the Passionists go with you!

An Australian Passionist visits the Carthusians ….

3 August, 2007

Australian Father Tiernan Doherty, C.P., writes

Knowing that our Founder, St. Paul of the Cross and his brother, Ven John Baptist Danei, had been taught by their mother about the ancient hermits of the Middle East and Celts, I found it exciting to have an opportunity recently to visit my cousin, the Novice Master of the huge Carthusian Monastery of St. Hugo in Sessex, England.

Until the late 1960’s Passionists in their home life also lived a similiar life style to the Carthusians, including rising for the Office of Matins at 2.00 a.m. each morning.

On arrival my cousin invited me to share their lifestyle for two days.

After attending Evening Prayer chanted together at 4.00 p.m. I then had the evening meal alone in my visitor’s cell and was given an alarm clock to wake me at midnight for the Night Office. At 12.30 a.m. 40 monks softly chanted the psalms and listened to Scripture Readings for three hours! At times the lights went off leaving the church in darkness and prostrations on the floor took place to spend time in adoration. I always viewed the night office as penance, but these monks see it as their energy charger for the new day! With the gentle singing, the soft lighting and the long silences they were like the Bride awakening for the Bridegroom in the Song of Songs!

With a Community Eucharist at 8.00 a.m. according to their own Carthusian Rite, these hermits spend some five hours prayer together as well as praying, working and eating alone in their hermitage cottages. So a community life is combined with that of the hermit and has been so for nearly a thousand years without laxity or need of reform!

To my amazement there were four men at the Monastery trying the life for a few days with my cousin looking after them. The place was full – no spare rooms! Despite eating no meat, the food was excellent and very tasty indeed.

When I later visited Rome for the Canonisation of our newest Passionist saint – Saint Charles of Mount Argus – and found St. Peter’s Basilica nearly empty late one afternoon, I wandered around looking at the statues of all the founders of the Religious Orders positioned throughout the Basilica, to my pleasure I found our Passionist Founder, St. Paul of the Cross located in a niche directly above St. Bruno, the Founder of the Carthusians – what a nice coincidence – or was it?

Fr. Tiernan’s Carthusian meal …

3 August, 2007

The Passionists in Bavaria and Austria

2 August, 2007

Visit the website of the Vice Province of the Five Wounds (Bavaria and Austria)  here

If you are unable to read German, perhaps the many photos will assist you to read their story of the incarnation of the Passionist Charism in Bavaria and Austria.

St. Paul of the Cross invites us ….

1 August, 2007

St. Paul of the Cross invites us to three things: to meditate on the sufferings of Jesus; to find meaning for our life through the Passion; and to bring this meaning to others, inviting them to keep the Memory of the Passion of Jesus alive in their hearts.

(2006 General Chapter Statement on the Passionist Charism)