Feast of Blessed Grimoaldo Santamaria C.P. – November 18

Today we celebrate the feast of another Passionist – Blessed Grimoaldo Santamaria, C.P.

He was born on 4th May 1893 in Pontecorvo Italy, the eldest of five children. He was professed a Passionists at 17 years of age on 6th March 1900. He began his preparation for Ordination at the Passionist Community in Ceccano, Italy.

Barely two years after his profession he was stricken with acute meningitis. He died on 18th November 1902. He was only 19 years of age.

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6 Responses to “Feast of Blessed Grimoaldo Santamaria C.P. – November 18”

  1. Gregory C. Schlegel Says:

    It is so enlightening and memorable to take part in the celebration of my uncle’s blessed event. the week of 1/28/1995 was so spiritual in being part of Blessed Grimoaldo’s Beatification via Pope John Paul II leading the mass at the Vatican. His colorful tapestry hung over the enterance of the Basilica. There were thousands of residents from Rome as well as those residents from my mother’s (Helene Joanna Panella Schlegel, my Grandmother’s (Vincencina Santamaria Panella), Great Grandmother – Grimoaldo’s mother (Cecelia Rucio Santamaria) birthplace – Pontecorvo Italy filing at the steps of the Basilica and the gates of the Vatican to be part of the Beatification. My family, from Rochester, NY & other areas of the world attended the Beatification. As I knelt in the Basilica, I reflected on the memories of my Grandmother – Vincencina Santamaria Panella and all the hard work and dedication that she expended to assure that her brother’s religious deeds were recognized and paved the way to be declared “Venerable and finally “Blessed”. These marvelous deeds by Grimoaldo and his sister Vincencina (Jenny Panella) would not go unrecognized. As a child, I recall the shrine, in my Grandma Panella’s house on Baird St., that she had assembled was so perfect and organized. She aquired help from her three daughters, local clergy, bishops and close friends to help organize the recognition by the church of all Grimoaldo Santamaria’s favors and petitions and finally the miracle he granted to Nicholas Romano that enabled Grimoaldo to be given the title “Blessed”. I do recall a more realistic picture and painting of Grimoaldo Santamaria that was displayed in the Baird St. home of my Grandmother.
    I pray and thank those followers and believers of Grimoaldo who continue to keep watch on any sign of petitions, favors and / or that miracle that will be recognized as the final requirement to fulfill the Churches’ prerequisite to allow Pope Benedict to declare Blessed Grimoaldo Santamaria, Saint Grimoaldo.
    God Bless to all and thank you for your prayers. A special thanks to Reverend Robert McNamara, Reverand Dominac Papa (Passionist) for their long-term guidance and valuable service to the Blessed Grimoaldo. Please pray for Father Dominic Papa and for his recovery from his current illness that occured just recently.

    Gregory C. Schlegel, Rochester, NY gregschlegel2002@yahoo.com

  2. Joe Santaguida Says:

    Dear Mr. Schlegel,
    I was at St. Joseph’s Oratory today to celebrate St. Joseph’s Day and met a person from Rochester, NY who spoke to us of B. Grimoaldo Santamaria after we were talking about the upcoming canonization of Brother Andre and about requesting a miracle for our son. So I came home and googled his name to find out more. My husband and I will pray to B. Grimoaldo to ask for his intercession in curing our son from osteosarcoma. Nicholas was diagnosed in July 2008 and had to have 2 surgeries and many chemotherapy treatments which ended last April. Unfortunately, just recently, the tests showed lesions in his lungs which the doctor’s told us is a spread from the primary tumour. My family is a fervent believer in prayers and the intercession of Saints. We hope that B. Grimoaldo can assist my son of 17 in curing him and show that the lesions are no longer there in the next tests he has to have. Please pray with us that this is will be the case and I will communicate the news to you. I know this is possible and I want to believe that B. Grimoaldo will assist us and the news will be the miracle required for his canonization.
    Nothing is impossible with God.

    • Linda Petote Martin Says:

      I will hold your child in prayer.
      Blessed Mother Mary will surely put her arms around him.
      God Bless and Keep You,

      Linda Petote Martin, TOCarm.
      lindamartin@ frontiernet .net

      • Luvana Santaguida Says:

        Thank you for your prayers. I was touched to read your message and will continue to believe in miracles.
        God Bless,
        Luvana Santaguida

  3. Ann Bonadio Says:

    Hello Mr and Mrs Santaguida–

    I read your letter with deep feeling–my daughter had Ewings Sarcoma, which is closely related to Osteosarcoma. We became aquainted with the Blessed Grimoaldo when my daughter was having an operation to remove her arm bone and we found ourselves in the waiting room with Millie Romano, Nicholas’s widow. She told us about him and later visited my daughter. After my daughter had finished her treatment, we went in for a checkup and the doctor found several spots on my daughter’s lung. They weren’t sure what they were, and scheduled a repeat test for the following month. During that month, we prayed constantly to the Blessed Grimaoldo. When we went back, the spots had disappeared. I can’t cite this as a miracle, because the doctors said that the spots must have been just artifact, but I cannot help but believe that our prayers were answered — I saw the expressions on the face of her Nurse Practitioner when they found the spots and later when they had disappeared. My daughter has been cancer free now for 15 years and has two beautiful little boys. I thank the Blessed Grimaoldo for this. When something worries her, she still tells me to pray to her Saint for her. I will pray for your son also.

  4. a santamaria Says:

    I heard of a chapel being dedicated to Blessed Grimoaldo in Rhode Island. Does anyone know the name of the chapel?

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