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The Season of Advent … from the letters of St. Paul of the Cross

1 December, 2007

“During Holy Advent humble yourself the more in considering the infinite goodness of God, who wished to reduce himself to our humanity, concealing himself in the umblemished womb of the Immaculate Virgin. Love this Infinite Good with the sweetest heart of the great Lady, Mary Most Holy. God will teach you.”

Letter of St. Paul of the Cross to Agnes Grazi, 28th October 1734

The purple of Advent in the Marrickville Monastery Garden

1 December, 2007

O Wisdom
Come to teach me the way of truth.
O Lord of Israel,
Come to redeem me with an outstretched arm.
O Root of Jesse,
Come to bring me new life; do not delay.
O Key of David,
Come to open my prison doors and set me free.
O Radiant Dawn,
Come to bring light into the darkness in my life.
O King of all Nations,
Come to save me and give me peace.
O God-With-Us,
Stay with me and send me forth in your name.

New Encyclical of Pope Benedict XVI

1 December, 2007

You can read the new Encyclical of Pope Benedict XVI “Spe Salvi” – In Hope We Were Saved – here