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9th December 1773 – Possession of Sts. John and Paul’s in Rome

9 December, 2007

On 9th December 1773 the Passionists took possession of the Basilica and Monastery of Sts. John and Paul in Rome.

“The group of more than thirty religious who were to form the first community walked the short distance from the Hospice in Via San Giovanni in Laterano. Cardinal Boschi, the Titular of the Basilica of Santi Giovanni e Paolo, sent his carriage for Paul, now almost eighty years of age. On their arrival, they went first to the altar of the Blessed Sacrament in the Basilica, where they sang the Te Deum in thanksgiving. From there they went to the house to begin their community life in what would be the last Retreat founded by Paul, celebrating Vespers together that evening and rising at midnight, as usual, for Matins.”

“Among the members of the commuity were Fr. Giovanni Battista (Gorresio) of St. Vinent Ferrier, who would succeed Paul as General, Fr. Giammaria (Cioni) of St. Ignatius, his confessor, and Fr. Marcaurelio (Pastorelli) of the Blessed Sacrament, who was a year older than Paul and one of his earliest companions, and who would die in Santi Giovanni e Paolo the following March. There was also a class of nine theology students whose professor would be St. Vincent Mary Strambi.”

– taken from As A Seal Upon Your Heart, by Father Paul Francis Spencer, C.P., p. 188-189.