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Lectio Divina

19 December, 2007

From the Passionist Constitutions

No. 47 – “Our contact with the Word of God is not confined to liturgical celebrations. The practice of spiritual reading focuses the prayerful attention of the community and the individual alike on the Sacred Scriptures. This reading deepens our awareness of the Person of Christ, and helps us grow in knowledge of Him; it supplies the well-springs of personal prayer, and sheds new light on the meaning of life.”

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Celebrate Christmas ….

19 December, 2007

“I would wish you to celebrate Christmas in the poor stable of your heart, where the gentle Jesus will be born spritually. Present this poor stable to Mary Holy and to St. Joseph so that they may aborn it with virtues so the Divine Infant will be happy there. Many years ago I had an infant painted on German paper that had him sleeping quietly on the cross. Oh, how much that symbol pleased me! .. So on Christmas you will have the Infant in your heart and be transformed entirely into Him in love. Jesus bless you and make you as holy as I desire.”

Letter of St. Paul of the Cross to Maria Angelica Cencelli, 18th December 1761

(Photograph: John Pole)