7th January – In History

Orbetello, 7th January, 1741

Letter to Sister Maria Cherubina Bresciani


My Daughter in Jesus Christ,

Last evening I received your letter, in which I see that testing from God has come. I want my daughter to be very faithful in suffering it with great annihilation of herself, from which comes a loving silence and a great abandonment to the Divine Good Pleasure, and a resultion not to come down from the holy cross without permission of her sweet Crucified Spouse. I recommend to her fidelity in the practice of virtue in accord with our established rules, for there will come a time when her spirit will swim in a sea of consolations and drink the rivers of the fire of Holy Love.

I came back from Rome on the day before the Vigil of Christmas, and I left our affairs in an excellent beginning. They examined the Constitutions before I left, and we wait only the execution of the brief. If my sins do not block that, it will be sent this month, as our Cardinal Protector promised me. And, I hope, I will see myself clothed with all the members of our least Congregation. I see God wishes to send holy workers, and it is necessary to pray God that he remove the forces who are persecuting us, that is, the devil and human beings who are acting with good intentions, as I believe. I will try, either on going to or coming from Longone, to see you for a conference.

I am writing in haste, for I am leaving for Farnese to conduct a retreat for a convent. I will return on January 22. I am not able to come to your convent. Thank Mother Abbess and let all continue to pray for our work and for me. Jesus inflame you with love and bless you. Amen.

Your true servant,

Paul of the Cross

[Sister Maria Cherubina Bresciana was a Poor Clare of the St. Anastatius Monastery in Piombino. She met St. Paul of the Cross in 1733. His spiritual daughter for 42 years. There are 46 letters to her from St. Paul of the Cross. She made the first Passionist Sign for him] (Source: St. Paul of the Cross,  A Source/Workbook for Paulacrucian Studies, Jude Mead, C.P., p. 117)

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