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February 5th – Passionist Memorial of the Prayer of Our Lord in the Garden

6 February, 2008


“Having before us Christ’s own example, we should be ashamed not to be able to find time to converse with God. We cannot be faithful disciples, good Christians, unless we are generously dedicated to prayer. The Lord himself taught us this, and in the garden repeated his teaching, when he said to his disciples, “Stay here, while I go over there and pray”, and “Pray that you may not succumb to the test.”

“Sons and daughters of the Father and of this Jesus who suffered so much for you, study the way he prays. Humbly tell God about your difficulties, but do not be upset by them. Leave yourselves to God who loves you tenderly and sincerely wills your good. He knows how to accomplish all that is for your good and has infinite power to do so. Therefore, stay close to God and rest in him. Apart from him you will never have peace.”


By your prayer in the garden, you prepared for your passion and death – help us, your disciples, to realise that in intimate communion with God we should approach every event in life

In the garden, you were sad of heart and anxious in spirit – may we, by constant meditation on your passion, reflect all the sentiments of your soul

In the garden, you were disconsolate when the apostles left you alone in your agony – inspire all the faithful to be your steadfast companions in promoting the message of the Cross


Lord our God,
in his agony in the garden,
your Son taught us by word and example
how to pray in time of temptation.
Keep us always faithful to prayer,
that we may reap a rich harvest of grace.