My Good Friday Reflection

Each Good Friday I choose a book to read and help my reflection during the course of the day. This year I’ve selected “The Cross – An Australian Journey” by Helen Barnes, RSJ (St. Paul Publications, Strathfield, 2007)

The book looks in a fresh way at the images of the Way of the Cross.

 1. Jesus is condemned to death – Remembering those confined to imprisonment, illness etc.

2. Jesus takes up his cross – Remembering those who bear a cross of pain

3. Jesus falls the first time – Remember those who fall because of the loss of land, employment, etc.

4. Jesus meets his mother – Remembering mothers and children who suffer the loss of family and homeland

5. Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus to carry his cross – Remembering those who need the kindness of others to help them on their journey

6. Veronica wipes the face of Jesus – Remembering those who tend the needs of others, such as those who care for the disabled

7. Jesus falls the second time – Remembering those homeless and disadvantaged

8. Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem – Remembering the trafficking of women and exploitation of children

9. Jesus falls the third time – Remembering the elderly who are dependent on others

10. Jesus is stripped of his garments – Remembering those stripped of the land, of dignity and spirit

11. Jesus is nailed to the cross – Remembering those suffering mental illness

12. Jesus dies on the cross – Remember those who give their life for others

13. Jesus is taken down from the cross – Remembering those who care for bodies in wars, tragedies, accidents

14. Jesus is placed in the tomb – Remembering those who suffer the loss of a loved one


My mind is in toment.
My brain is sometimes sluggish.
Sometimes I have difficulty expressing myself and become violent.
Physical pain gives way to mental anguish.
My suffering is unseen unless I have a disturbing episode
and my needs become more visible.
Inside I am a lovable person with unique talents and gifts.
Can you recognise me?
Jesus knows me.
He lies on the wooden cross
as his feet and hands are secured with nails.
His body is hoisted upright,
his body, mind and spirit experience excruciating pain.
But he remembers me.

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