St. Paul of the Cross writes on 23rd April 1742


23rd April 1742 (while giving a mission)

The Archpriest at Monterosi

Most Reverend Father

Blessed be God! On Wednesday, May 2, the holy mission will begin in Monterosi, as ordered by the vicar apostolic and more so by the Supreme Pastor of Souls, Jesus Christ. Therefore, I am asking Your Reverence to take care to make the announcements to the poeple so that they will be disposed to receive this great treasure.

The solemn entrance will take place as follows. Called together by the ringing of all the bells, clergy and people will walk to welcome the mission in the square closest to the church. The clergy will sing the psalm Benedixisti Domine terram tuam, using the sixth tone, and the people will respond Lodato sempre sia, etc. Your Reverence will be at the head of the clergy and will be carrying the crucifix: the men will follow the clergy; then the women. There will be an address by the missionary, who will then take the cross and intone the canticle Benedictus Dominus Deus Israel, and in the same order they will proceed to the church.

I ask Your Reverence to see to a platform at least seven palms high and broad enough for the sacred ceremonies. Would you also arrange for the housing of the missionaries nearby the church. Nothing futher occurs to me, so I end, kissing your sacred hands and recommending myself to your prayers.

I would add that the vicar apostolic told me that he has already written you. Nevertheless, I will be expecting an answer from Your Reverence for my direction. As for faculties, I already have them, etc.

Your humble servant in the Lord

Paul of the Cross, Least Discalced Cleric Regular, Missionary.

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