From the 1750 Pentecost Letter of St. Paul of the Cross to Passionist Religious

Most dear sons and brothers in Jesus Christ, the most joyous solemnity of the Holy Spirit being near, each one of you should prepare himself to receive worthily into the home of your heart such a sovereign guest, your Lord and God…. Most dear sons, to prepare yourselves for this most sacred solemnity, each one should examine himself well to see whether there be anything in his heart that is not purely for God, and to discover whether in all your actions your intentions are most pure, and are becoming more God-like from day to day, that is whether they are wholly divine, so that you do everything in God and for his love alone, uniting your works with those of Jesus Christ our Lord, who is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

San Angelo, Vetralla
2nd May 1750

This is the great Pentecost Letter of St. Paul of the Cross to all the religious. Perhaps nowhere else has Paul risen to such spiritual heights. Paul expresses so clearly the spirituality of the Congregation in its following of Christ Crucified and preaching the love of the Crucified to the poor.”  [Footnote, Volume II of Letters of St. Paul of the Cross, p. 213.]


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