63 Days till World Youth Day in Sydney

A Caritas worker in Papua New Guinea writes

Just got back from filming one of the youth from here preparing for World Youth Day in Sydney in July. She started 2 years ago selling bananas. Then she made enough from that to buy a bag of peanuts. Then from that she made enough money to buy seeds and to grow and sell vegetables. Then from that she had enough to buy “loose” chickens and feeder (Didn’t have enough money for a carton of day-old chickens so bought them “loose” (singly). The second lot of chickens got half eaten by a dog. Now she has just sold her third batch of 52 chickens and is raising a big pig and got new chicken delivery while I was there. She has fully paid her air travel and is now saving for her “pocket money.” She half completed Grade 1 only and has no other formal education.

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