Young Passionists in Melbourne Australia

Preparations have begun for the meeting of Young Passionists in Melbourne prior to the 2008 World Youth Day in Sydney.

Young Passionists from Japan, Philippines, India, Zambia, South Africa and the United States of America have already arrived at Holy Cross Retreat, Templestowe.

The International Organising Committee of the gathering consists of Fr. Salvatore Enzo Del Brocco, C.P., (DOL), Fr. Paul Francis Spencer, C.P., (PATR) and Fr. Orven Obispo Gonzaga, C.P. (PASS) together with Fr. Denis Travers, C.P. (CURIA).

On the way to the meeting –

Emmanuel Kabinga C.P. (PATR/MATAF) had all his luggage go astray. He arrived in Melbourne safely but his luggage did not;

Due to difficulties with his Passport, Xavier Ubagaraswamy Arokia, C.P. (THOM) could not leave India as planned.  We wait his arrival in Australia. 


2 Responses to “Young Passionists in Melbourne Australia”

  1. The Far Side of the World « Laus Crucis Says:

    […] Meeting (-no, you’re right; I am too old to qualify). Father Gary has a post which explains why I am attending this […]

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    Welcome to Melbourne!

    While in Melbourne women may like to consider permanent makeup?

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