Ordination of Passionist Bishop 6th August 2008

On 6th August 2008 Bishop Elect Neil Tiedemann, C.P. will receive Episcopal Ordination in Mandeville, Jamaica (West Indies). 

On 28th May 2008 Pope Benedict XVI had named Fr. Neil from the St. Paul of the Cross Province (USA)  as the third Bishop of Mandeville, Jamaica (West Indies).

The Mandeville Diocese was created in 1997. The total population is around 582,000 of whom some 8,800 are Catholics. The Diocese has 22 parishes, 43 priests (42 diocesan and 1 religious), 6 religious Brothers, 2 seminarians and 28 Sisters. The Diocese has been vacant since 8th August 2006, following the resignation of Bishop Gordon Bennett, S.J. due to health reasons.  The first Bishop of Mandeville was the late Bishop Paul Michael Boyle, C.P. former Superior General of the Passionists.

Representing the current Passionist Superior General, Fr. Ottaviano D’Egidio, C.P. at the Episcopal Ordination on 6th August 2008 in Mandeville will be Fr. Denis Travers, C.P., and Fr. Clemente Barron, C.P., from the General Council.

2 Responses to “Ordination of Passionist Bishop 6th August 2008”

  1. Monsignor Michael Palud,msm Says:

    Dear Father Gary,

    Great posting ! I went to get Nei, our Bishop-Elect, at the Kingston Airport yesterday and he was in the finest form. We swapped stories of our passionist family and the history of the Passionists in Jamaica and in the world ! We had a few good laughs as we shares stories of our experiences with +Paul Boyle, whom I still miss so much. It was just great. Re: the above-caption there is a correction I need to note. There are only two seminarians, actually both from the Missionary Society of Mandeville whose formal name is, as you might remember, “The Passionist Mission Society of the Immaculate Heart of Mary”. It is so good for us to have someone “from our family” as our Bishop ! I am sure that Paul of the Cross is smiling like when Struzzieri was appointed, first Bishop taken from his Companions ! Always yours in JXP, Msgr. Michael Palud, msm, Superior of the Mission Society, Vicar General of the Diocese of Mandeville

  2. Monsignor Michael Palud,msm Says:

    oops, typo! Its NEIL…forgot to put in the “l”. Greetings to all. I will be picking up Father Denis Travers on the 4th. He is coming in through England on the same flight as one of our postulants from the Mission Society.

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