Feast of the Assumption 1752

In preparation for the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Paul wrote the following letter to the Passionist Religious on 25th July 1752

Peace and Greetings in the Lord:

Since the most powerful means to obtain grace from the Lord is recourse to the patronage and intercession of holy Mary, the Mother of Mercy, and with the coming of the great solemnity of her Assumption into heaven, therefore, seeing that this poor, newly born Congregation is in great need of the help and graces of His Divine Majesty, we have felt ourselves inspired to issue this short letter to all the Retreats of the Congregation so that united in true, unfeigned charity, in very exact observance, and inspired with true humility and compunction we may unanimously be together in prayer before the throne of Mary Most Holy, and move her to obtain for us the necessary graces, especially the help and grace absolutely necessary, according to my intention.

Therefore, in the Name of the Lord we ordain that the following be done, starting on August 2 until the Assumption, excluded.

1. Every night after Matins the discipline will be taken for the space of the Litany of the Blessed Virgin, as recited by the rector, and the rest will answer, “Pray for us,” etc. But on days prescribed by the Rule, use the ordinary prayers, that is, the Miserere and the prayer Come help us in our weakness, etc. The discipline will take place every day except Sunday and Doubles of the First Class until the Assumption.

2. There will be a prudent fast every day, and on the vigil of the solemnity the meal will be taken on the floor and consist of bread, wine, and soup; the rector has the freedom to sit at the table. There will be a fast every day except Sundays and Feasts.

3. Let them receive Communion for this intention and more frequently according to the judgment of the rector.

4. On the Feast of the Assumption let them celebrate Mass and apply all the Masses of our priests for the intention stated above.

Oh, dearest ones, let all cry out with lively faith to the blessed God through Mary so that he help us in so many necessities, for our prayers will be heard if we are “of one mind in prayer,” in true charity, not feigned, with one heart and in exact observance.

I ask, in addition, that in these days more silence be observed. We have a lively hope that the Congregation will be much blessed.

Paul of the Cross

General Superior

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