PASPAC Meeting in Cuernavaca Mexico

A photo of Father Joachim Rego, C.P. Provincial of the Holy Spirit Province (Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea) celebrating Mass at the meeting of the Major Superiors of the Passionist Asian region (PASPAC), which is being held in Cuernavaca (Mexico) prior to the Passionist General Synod.

Attending the meeting are
Fr. Antony Xavier Thatayil C.P. India
Fr. Sabinus Lohin, C.P. Indonesia
Fr. Joachim Rego, C.P. Australia
Fr. Paul Gabriel Tae-Won Pak C.P. Korea
Fr. Jefferies Foale, C.P. Vietnam
Fr. Richard Thompson C.P. China
Fr. Edwin Sumpagpao Flor C.P. Philippines
Fr. Paul Matusmoto C.P. Japan
Br. Larry Finn, C.P. Korea
Fr. Clemente Barron, C.P. Rome

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