7th September at Cuernavaca, Mexico


The two senior members of the 2008 Passionist General Synod, Father Jose Agustin Orbegozo, former Superior General, and Father Floriano De Fabiis, Procurator General.

The participants of the General Synod gathered for an Opening Session which began with a short informal welcome by the Superior General, Fr. Ottaviano D’Egido.

Fr. Francisco Valadez, Provincial of Christ the King Province, Mexico, then welcomed all participants to the Synod on behalf of all the Passionists of Mexico. “We offer you our hearts and our complete availability”, said Fr. Francisco.

A vote of approval was obtained from the assembly for the General Synod Secretariate, Moderator, Communications Committee, Liturgical Commission, the Central Co-Ordinating Committee and the daily schedule and order of progress for the Synod.

Fr. Gabriel Cingolani, the Secretary of the Synod, then gave instructions concerning the workings of the Secretariate during the meeting.

At midday Father Jose Luis Garcia, Local Superior of the Passionist Community at Cuernavaca, led Mass attended by members of the Synod and many of the local friends and collaborators of the Passionists.

The afternoon session began with an official welcome to the city of Cuernavaca by Father Alfonso Iberri, who is acting as Guestmaster during the meeting.

Father General, Ottaviano D’Egidio, then led a Blessing Prayer to begin the Synod.

Finally, a presentation was made to the General Synod by Father Octavio Mondragon C.P., entitled “Restructuring: A prophecy, A Necessity – “The need to let suffering speak with eloquence is root of all truth”.


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