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Quiet Moments!

10 September, 2008

Of course the Synod also provides opportunities for some quiet moments from time to time during the day – thanks for the photo Lawrence!

PASPAC in Cuernavaca, Mexico

10 September, 2008

The 2008 Passionist General Synod gathers Passionists from many parts of the world. This photo captures Passionists from the Asian Conference (PASPAC) who are attending the Synod in Cuernavaca (l to r)

Fr. Richard Thompson, C.P. China
Fr. Paul Gabriel Tae-Won Pak, C.P. Korea
Fr. Sabinus Lohin, C.P. Indonesia
Fr. Joachim Rego, C.P. Australia
Fr. Antony Xavier Tharayil, C.P. India
Fr. Edwin Sumpagpao C.P. Philippines
Fr. Isaia Hidetoshi Kishi C.P. Japan
Fr. Paul Matumoto C.P. Japan