10th September at Cuernavaca, Mexico

Joachim Rego (Provincial of Holy Spirit Province – Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea) addresses the General Synod regarding restructuring in the PASPAC Region.

Joachim Rego (Australia) was Principal Celebrant and Homilist at the Mass to begin the day.

In the morning the Restructuring Coordinators from around the Congregation shared their experiences of the restructuring process from their area – PASPAC – Joachim Rego, CI – Eulogio Cordero Martinez, CPA – Michael Ogweno, CIPI – Leonie Masnata, COPAL – Norbert Donizetti COPAL, IPCN – Joe Jones IPCN, NECP – Nicholas Postlethwaite.

After their presentation members of the General Synod were given the opportunity to make comments or ask questions of clarification of the Restructuring Coordinators.

The Facilitator, Sr. Christine Anderson, then presented a reflection on the templates completed in preparation by Provinces for the General Synod, after which the Synod members spent time in table discussion on the issues presented by Sr. Christine.

In the afternoon the members of the Synod were offered a period of reflection and discernment so that they might “touch the ways God is working in you during these days” (Sr. Christine Anderson, Facilitator). The facilitator asked members to return after a period of reflection with two issues that they would like to see the Synod address.

On their return the Synod members named and reflected on these issues in the assembly.

Evening Prayer was led by Paul Gabriel Tae-Won Pak (Korea).


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