Through the intercession of Blessed Isidore

The Sacred Congregation of Saints accepted the following miracle attributed to the intercession of Blessed Isidore De Loor –

Born in 1917 in Medlen (Belgium), Mrs. Ottevaere was a mother of five children and a hard working farmer’s wife who had always enjoyed good health. On 4th April 1953, Holy Saturday, she was suddenly taken will. As she was no better the following day, Easter Sunday, the doctor was called. He condition deteriorated over the next few days and on Wednesday 8th April she lost consciousness and was admitted to hospital on Oudenaarde, in the province of Eastern Flanders. She remained in a coma for several days.

The doctors’ diagnosis was bad: Mrs. Ottevaere was suffering from fulminant hepatitis, an ailment whcih destroys large areas of the liver. Their prognosis was worse still: in Mrs. Ottevaere’s case the disease was in an advanced state and could not now be cured. They did not expect her to live.

It was at this point that her family turned to Brother Isidore. They prayed fervently asking for the sick woman to be cured through the intercession of the Passionist Brother. A picture of Blessed Isidore and a relic were placed under the pillow of Mrs. Ottevaere. On Saturday 11th April there was a slight improvement in the sick woman’s condition. This continued to the following day and she could now recognise people. On the Monday she regained consciousness fully. Those attending her were completely astonished, as they had believed her death to be imminent. Indeed, the prayers for the dying had been said for her and arrangements had been made regarding the garment in which she would be buried. The progress continued. Before long all trace of her illness had vanished: Mrs. Ottevaere regained her appetite and was restored to good health.

All the doctors and those who had witnessed her recovery was unanimous in their agreement that it was humanly inexplicable.


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