Bishop Francesco M. Arborio Di Gattinara

[Photo: John Pole]

Bishop Francesco M. Arborio di Gattinara was born in Padua in 1658 and was a member of the Barnabite Order. Pope Clement XI named him Bishop of Alessandria in 1706. He confirmed Paul and his brother John Baptist in Castellazzo on 23rd April 1719. He was spiritual director for the young Paul of the Cross and clothed him in the hermit’s habit.

He was appointed Archbishop of Turin (Italy) on 25th June 1727 and died on 14th October 1743.

“Paul [of the Cross] threw himself at the feet of Bishop Gattinara, a man most abundantly gifted with all the talents necessary for guiding souls and discerning the true movements of the Holy Spirit, and begged to be informed by him what was the most holy will of God.”

The Life of Blessed Paul of the Cross by St. Vincent Strambi, Volume 1 Chapter VI


View  a YouTube clip about Gattinara Wines  here

View a map of Italy showing the town of Gattinara  here

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