3rd November Feast of Blessed Pio Campidelli


A young seminarian and member of the Passionist Congregation who died on the way to the priesthood, Blessed Pio Campidelli was Beatified by Pope John Paul II on 17th November 1985.

On 29th April 1868, Luigi Campidelli was born in Trebbio, the fourth of six sons to Giuseppe and Folimena (nee Belpani) Campidelli, and on the same day he was baptized in the parish church of Poggio Berni (Diocese of Rimini) with the names Luigi (Aloysius), Nazareno and Francesco.

Luigi was a sickly child. He received his First Communion on 9th June 1878. His yearning to become a priest and religious took concrete form during the parish mission preached in Poggio Berni by the Passionists in October 1880.

Luigi was admitted to the Passionists at the Monastery of Santa Maria di Casale on 27th May 1882. He was clothed with the Passionist habit on 27th May 1882 receiving the name Brother Pio of Saint Aloysius.

During his Novitiate, Pio had as his Novice Master, Father Michael of the Mother of God, who, during his own novitiate and years of formation, had had Saint Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows as a classmate.

On 20th January 1883 the Passionist Novitiate was transferred to Sant’Eutizio, near Soriano (Viterbo). Here the new Novice Master, Father Vitale, eventually wrote the following about Pio: “May it please God that all novices follow in the footsteps of their good classmate Brother Pio; then the Novice Master would sleep peacefully.”

On 24th July 1883, Pio returned to Santa Maria di Casale, where on 30th April 1884 he made his temporary profession as a Passionist. From then on he devoted himself to studies in theology, until he fell seriously ill. He strove in every respect to make progress, both in his studies and in his spiritual life, and especially to be faithful to the Passionist Rule.

On 7th December 1887 Pio received the four minor orders in Rimini. While preparation for ordination to the subdiaconate in July 1889, Pio became gravely ill. On 2nd November 1889 Pio died.

3 Responses to “3rd November Feast of Blessed Pio Campidelli”

  1. Blessed Pio Campidelli « The Black Cordelias Says:

    […] (Italy) and was the son of farmers. It was through a parish mission that he came to know the Passionists. He received the Passionist Habit on 27th May 1882 and made his first vows on 20th April […]

  2. Rosemarie Guidi Nolan Says:

    As I approach my last days on earth may my prayers be answered, may the Blessed Pio Campidelli interceed on my behalf, I am eighty years old an Blessed Pio is my second cousin. I had always prayed that God would allow me to see Blessed Pio elevated to Sainthood.

    May God bless you


    Dear: Sir / Ma’am

    My deepest greeting to all of you. May you have in good condition after receiving my letter
    I’m Marvin Ducut citizen of the Philippines , I’ am 20 years old at my younger age, I already gave my self to god, I serve to the Parish in everyday of my life.
    I’ am a devoted of BLESSED PIO CAMPIDELLI since I was 16 years old, and I truly believe through his deepest Salvation to our Lord. I know his Biography and trough this, I believe to him, his miraculous presence and his mission in life and for his good example to me he completely change my life and already gave my devotion to him and to God.
    May I request to have a 1st Class Relic of BLESSED PIO CAMPIDELLI. This will be a signed of my deepest Devotion to him and a big privilege not only for me but to our small Community.
    This will be a great offortunity for us for having his relic and I will cherished this for the rest of my life I hope you will understand my request and may the presence of God be with you always.



    Marvin E Ducut

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