Responding with grace and generosity ….

Another photo of the Passionist Sign belonging to Blessed Pio Campidelli and in front of the Sign, the belt worn with his habit.  These relics are in the care of Father Giovanni Zubiani, C.P., Postulator General of the Passionists.


Passionist Victim of Love

Age is not a factor in the science of the saints. Almighty God demonstrates again and again that the very young can respond to grace with generosity and with an ardor that astonishes the world. Blessed Pio Campidelli was one of the young holy ones, destined to shine forever for the glory of God and as a shimmering jewel of the Passionist Congregation.

He was born in Trebbio, near Rimini, on 29th April 1868, and was baptized Luigi on the same day. The fourth of six children, he was the son of Joseph and Filomena Campidelli, farmers of the region. Pius’s father died of typhoid fever in 1874 and an uncle came to the farm to help with the heavier work. Pius laboured on the farm, a tract of land that demanded the time and energies of the entire family. He managed to attend school and served as an altar boy.  

Pius and his family attended a Passionist mission. He applied for admission to the Congregation and was accepted in 1882, taking the religious name Brother Pius of St. Aloysius Gonzaga.

Pius took his first vows on 30th April 1884 and began studying for the priesthood. In 1871, he received the tonsure and minor orders.

It was then discovered that Pius was in the last stages of tuberculosis, doomed to an early death by the ravages of the disease. Pius accepted the medical prognosis with serenity, declaring that he was a willing victim of love for the Church. Surrounded by the Passionists, whom he thanked for their concern and care, he died in Casale on 2nd November 1889.

Pope John Paul II beatified Pius on 17th November 1985. The Holy Father honoured Pius, declaring: “It is fitting that this year should see him honoured and put before all young people as a model and an inspiration.”


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