St. Paul of the Cross on Prayer


It is necessary to make prayer not in our way, but in God’s way. (73)

The greatest mistake you have made is to leave off prayer. (130)

Keep yourself in the Presence of God and in that way there will be a continuous prayer in the midst of all your business. (192)

I ask you to greet in Jesus Christ your wife, your sons, and your daughters, whom I see in the holy Heart of Jesus and for whom I entertain high hopes. Accustom them, little by little, to holy prayer. Accommodate yourself to their tender age. Let them speak to God with gentleness and sweetness in a pleasing manner, and you will have done a good job, and they will become holy. (605)

With regard to prayer, do it with your family in your home. (744)

Prayer is not to be made in our mode, but as the Holy Spirit wishes. (779)

Never be idle. Join your work with internal prayer, that is, with a loving attention to the Highest Good, and carry on the altar of your heart the sufferings of Jesus. (967)

I have recommended holy prayer to you much. It is very necessary for every Christian. (999)

Prayer does not totally consist in being on ones knees. (1034)

You need to continue to stay within the bosom of God, for that is the place of prayer and the great school where the science of the saints is learned. (1507)

Never neglect prayer. (1663)

Be faithful in not passing up prayer, and do what little you can. (1938)

You can make your prayer even from your bed …. Go to your room and go to bed. If sleep does not come, from your very bed you can make your prayer without being seen by anyone; if sleep comes, sleep to restore nature with some rest. (1951)

Be a great friend of holy prayer and meditation on the holy Life, Passion and Death of Jesus Christ. (1977)

If you have no feeling of God at prayer and at Communion, nor during the day, that is not important. Is it sufficient that you do not neglect prayer …. (2041)

Virtues are the fruit of true prayer. (2052)

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