St. Paul of the Cross on Solitude


My poor soul is much inclined to solitude. (Letter 40)

I hope in God that we will praise His Divine Majesty together in this solitude and prepare our hearts for the Lord. (44)

Love silence, internal and external solitude in choir and in your room. Be gentle with all. (67)

God is preparing a treasure of graces and blessings for you in solitude. (123)

If you come here, he agrees that you be given a distant room for solitude, so as to help your prayer … (133)

The Sovereign Good speaks in the midst of sacred solitude to devout hearts. (134)

These urges you feel to seek solitude are from the Holy Spirit. (140)

Jesus is calling you into this holy solitude to speak words of eternal life to your heart, words which will be as sweet as honey. (144)

Above all, I recommend to you a holy internal solitude. (256)

The Retreats are to be founded in solitude so that the workers, worn out by their apostolic work, can rest their spirit at the foot of the Crucified in prayer and fasting, apart from all the noise of the world. (288)

Hold on to your inner solitude by treating one-on-one with the Sovereign Good in your heart. Keep your interior quiet, serene, peaceful, and recollected; and drive off upsets, fears, or scruples as the plague. (395)

Continue your solitude in the Divine Heart of Jesus and stay there like an infant taking its milk. (453)

Enjoy a bit of holy solitude. (619)

Now is the time to work, to suffer, and to be silent, remaining continually in solitude with your Divine Spouse. (1616)

Remain always recollected in God in interior solitude and do not seek any consolation other than to be pleasing to God and doing his Holy Will. (1386)

Keep in the Presence of God in the solitude and desert of your heart, and in this way you will live a happy life of a saint, even in the midst of the noise of the world. Speak little and let yourself be seen little. Jesus bless you and make you as holy as I desire. (1267)

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