Sentenced to death by firing squad

[Picture: A collection of clothing and personal belongings of Blessed Eugene Bossilkov C.P., in the care of Fr. Giovanni Zubiani, C.P., Postulator General of the Passionists, St. John and Paul’s Monastery, Rome.]

“By virtue of articles 70 and 83 of the penal code, the court condemns the accused, Eugene Bossilkov, to be sentenced to death by firing squad, and all his goods confiscated… Dr. Eugene Bossilkov, Catholic bishop; completed his religious studies in Italy and was trained by the Vatican for counter-revolutionary activities and espionage. He is one of the directors of a clandestine Catholic organization. He was in touch with diplomats from the imperialist countries and gave them information of a confidential nature. The accused convoked a diocesan council in which it was decided to combat communism through religious conferences, held in Bulgaria, activities called ‘ a mission.’ No appeal of his sentence is possible.”

The High Court, Sophia, Bulgaria, October 3, 1952

Following the Beatification of Blessed Eugene on 15th March 1998, the Bulgarian Prosecutor General then started proceedings for the posthumous exoneration, and in May 1999 a decree of the Bulgarian Supreme Court of Appeal founded that the 1952 trial records contained “glaring violations” of justice and annulled the death sentance.

One Response to “Sentenced to death by firing squad”

  1. Bro. Jude Cuano Says:

    Dear Fr. Giovanni Zubianni ,

    I would like to Humbly Request a Relic of St. Gemma Galgani for Public Veneration of our Chapel and to use it during deliverance session I know that St. Gemma Galgani will Intercede for me and to those of her devotees I hope You would grant my Request

    In Christ,

    Bro. Jude B. Cuano

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