St. Paul of the Cross and Christmas

“On the Holy Night of Christmas I will celebrate the Divine Mysteries for all our poor Congregation, and I will place the hearts of all the professed and novices in the holy swaddling clothes of the gentle Infant so that he enliven them, strengthen them, inflame them, and sanctify them to have them do great things for the glory of God.”

“With Christmas coming I ask the Lord to make you a saint, but with the secret sanctity of the Cross. You will see that you must become more childlike, otherwise you would not be pleasing to a Spouse who became a little child for you.”

“Who would not shed tears of tenderness from the heart, seeing a God, for our sakes become a Babe in swaddling bands, for our sakes placed on the hay of a manger, for our sakes in need of the breath of two beasts of burden.”

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