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The Pond …

25 March, 2009

A pond must have an inlet and an outlet. If there is no inlet, the pond will dry up. If there is no outlet, it will turn into a swamp.

Passionist Profession at Marrickville

7 March, 2009
The First Religious Profession of Bro. Nicky van der Bergh, C.P., was held at St. Brigid’s Church, Marrickville (Australia) on 30th January 2009. Bro. Nicky has now concluded his twelve month Novitiate at St. Brigid’s Community, Marrickville and has been appointed to Holy Cross Community, Templestowe, where he will continue his theological study.
Congratulations Nicky!

Message for 2009 World Youth Day

7 March, 2009

[Photo: Participants at the Passionist Youth Encounter prior to 2008 World Youth Day in Sydney, Australia]

2009 World Youth Day will be celebrated on Palm Sunday, 5th April.

Pope Benedict XVI recently wrote to the youth of the world saying:

“Make space for prayer in your lives! To pray alone is good, although it is even more beautiful and fruitful to pray together, because the Lord assured us he would be present wherever two or three are gathered in his name (cf. Mt 18:20). There are many ways to become acquainted with him. There are experiences, groups and movements, encounters and courses in which to learn to pray and thus grow in the experience of faith. Take part in your parish liturgies and be abundantly nourished by the word of God and your active participation in the Sacraments. As you know, the summit and centre of the life and mission of every believer and every Christian community is the Eucharist, the sacrament of salvation in which Christ becomes present and gives his Body and Blood as spiritual food for eternal life. A truly ineffable mystery! It is around the Eucharist that the Church comes to birth and grows – that great family of Christians which we enter through Baptism, and in which we are constantly renewed through the Sacrament of Reconciliation. The baptised, through Confirmation, are then confirmed in the Holy Spirit so as to live as authentic friends and witnesses of Christ. The Sacraments of Holy Orders and Matrimony enable them to accomplish their apostolic duties in the Church and in the world. Finally, the Sacrament of the Sick grants us an experience of divine consolation in illness and suffering.”

Read the full message of Pope Benedict XVI  here

Father Paul Francis C.P. at Laus Crucis writes about the Message for World Youth Day 2009.

A New Book on St. Gabriel

6 March, 2009

AT THE CROSS WITH MARY – You can view information about this new book on St. Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows by John Joseph Schweska here

From the writings of St. Paul of the Cross

6 March, 2009

Everything is contained in the Passion of Jesus.  Do your best to stay hidden in the wounds of Jesus. In this way you will become rich in eveything that is good and filled with God’s true light, so that you will be able to fly to perfect holiness.

(In the Heart of God, the Spiritual Teaching of St. Paul of the Cross, Ovada Press, p. 18-19)