Passion Sunday 2009

“So let us spread before his feet, not garments or soulless olive brances, which delight the eye for a few hours and then wither, but ourselves clothed in his grace, or rather, clothed completely in him. We who have been baptised into Christ must ourselves be the garments that we spread before him.” St. Andrew of Crete

“Keep the holy Passion of Jesus Christ in your heart.” St. Paul of the Cross to Brother Aloysius Basili of Mary, 14th May 1763

Almighty and ever living God, you have given the human race Jesus Christ our Saviour as a model of humility. He fulfilled your will by becoming man and giving his life on the cross. Help us to bear witness to you by following his example of suffering and make us worthy to share in his resurrection. (Prayer from the Roman Missal)

“Everything is contained in the Passion of Jesus. Do your best to stay hidden in the wounds of Jesus. In this way tu ill become rich in everything that is good and filled with God’s true light, so that you will be able to fly to perfect holiness.” St. Paul of the Cross  (In the Heart of God,  the Spiritual Teaching of St. Paul of the Cross, Ovada Press, p. 18).


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