A second-hand Cross

Was Christ’s cross at Golgotha built especially for him ?

Who knows ? Wood was hard to come by in Judaea
and the Romans were thrifty people.
So they gave him a cross
which had already been used for others.
A second-hand cross!
On which Christ’s blood mingled
with that of the others who were condemned
before him – and after him!
For this cross would be used again!
On the same wood
were indiscriminately
and intimately mixed
the blood of the just
and the blood of sinners,
the suffering of God
and the suffering of humanity
of yesterday, today and tomorrow.
At Golgotha on that day
it wasn’t a divine cross that was put up
between two human crosses,
but a fully human cross
which God wished to take on himself
and make his own in order to offer up
on it the sacrifice of his life
given for all.


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