Feast of the Holy Spirit Province

The Passionist Province of Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea was constituted in 1922 under the title of “Province of the Holy Spirit”.


This day the Father of light
has enlightened the minds of the disciples
by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.
May he bless you
and give you the gifts of the Holy Spirit forever.
May the fire that hovered over the disciples
as tongues of flame
burn out all evil from your hearts
and make you glow with pure light.
God inspired speech in different tongues
to proclaim one faith.
May he enlighten your faith
and fulfill your hope to see him face to face.


One Response to “Feast of the Holy Spirit Province”

  1. Msgr. Michael Palud Says:

    Dear Gary,

    Congratulations to you and the Province on this Feast Day of Pentecost we just celebrated ! Thanks for everything you do for the spread of the Charism of St. Paul of the Cross !

    with fond friendship in JXP et Cor Mariae

    Msgr. Michael Palud
    Misison Society of Mandeville

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