8th June 1899 The Stigmata

On 8th June 1899 St. Gemma Galgani received the Stigmata at No. 3 Via del Biscione, Lucca, in St. Fridian’s Parish where she was then living with her family.

“Nothing could exceed Gemma’s pain and perplexity at finding herself marked externally with the signs of our Redemption. She wished to keep it all hidden; but she was in the midst of the world, surrounded by distinguished people, obliged to go out of doors at least twice a day to church, and meanwhile her wounds remained bleedly freely. What was to be done? She thought all night and in the morning tried to rise; but on putting her feet to the ground, so excruciating was the agony she suffered she thought she would die of it. She got up however, and dragging herself rather than walking she went to the Church for Communion. On coming home, besides her anguish at not being able to hide what had happened, her perplexity was great at not knowing what the wounds on her body meant.”

The Life of St. Gemma Galgani by Fr. Germano, C.P., p. 60

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