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Impelled and Inspired …

9 June, 2009

[Photo: Our Lady of the Passion, Passionist Retreat Centre Chapel, Detroit USA]

Impelled by the Spirit, we are brought together as a community of love to carry out the mission mandated to us by the Church. Together we undertake the arduous journey of faith, seeking to explore the depths of the mystery of God. Together we share the same hope: that we shall contact in our lives the living God Who draws us to Himself. We want our journey through life to proclaim that hope to all. In this we are inspired by the example of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the handmaid of the Lord; like her we trust the Lord, joyfully confident that even our weakness can show forth to the world the saving ways of God.

Passionist Constitutions, Number 8

1984-2009 Celebrating 25 years of the Passionist Constitutions