Feast of St. Peter and St. Paul

The Lord has set you firm within his Church, which he built upon the rock of Peter’s faith. May he bless you with a faith that never falters.

The Lord has given you knowledge of the faith through the labours and preaching of St. Paul. May his example inspire you to lead others to Christ by the manner of your life.


For St. Paul of the Cross the Passionist life “is not unlike that of the apostles, but rather totally comformable to theirs, and their conduct has been the norm of the constitutions.” It is understandable, therefore, that he should have loved them and transmitted to his religious a similar love and veneration …. special veneration was given to St. Paul the Apostle. St. Paul of the Cross bore his name and admired his ardent love for Christ Crucified, and he loved particularly to meditate on the apostle’s letters. His quotations from them are numerous and were regularly put before the novices so that they might learn to glory in the cross of Christ.

(cf. History of the Passionists, Father Fabiano Giorgini, C.P., Volume 1, page 328) 

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