During the month of September

[Icon of St. Michael the Archangel]

10th September – Anniversary of the death of Anna Maria Massari, mother of St. Paul of the Cross and Ven. John Baptist Danei (1746)
14th September – Anniversary of the Foundation of Presentation Retreat, Monte Argentario (1737)
14th September – Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross
15th September – Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, Principal Patroness of the Passionist Congregation
24th September – Feast of St. Vincent Strambi
26th September – St. Paul of the Cross took the Passion Vow at St. Mary Major’s Basilica in Rome (1721)           

29th September – Feast of St. Michael the Archangel, Protector of the Passionist Congregation

“Since the early days of the Church, the archangel has been venerated as the defender of God’s rights, helping Christians to be steadfast in their fidelity to God in times of trial. When living in the Diocese of Troia St. Paul of the Cross, together with his brother John Baptist, visited the famous shrine on Monte Gargano. His very special devotion to the archangel increased during the building of the first retreat. A person under his spiritual direction told him how he saw “the glorious St. Michael, with sword unsheathed, surveying the walls of the retreat in an attitide of defending the Lord’s little flock.” In memory of this apparition an altar was erected in the first church to honour the archangel. The second retreat was dedicated to him, and his image was displayted in all the retreats.” (History of the Passionists, Fr. Fabiano Giorgini, C.P., p. 325)

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