St. Paul of the Cross and Suffering

[Photo: Statue of St. Paul of the Cross, South Korea]

Take courage, since the suffering you endure is a clear sign that God loves you much (23rd August 1766)

Since God loves you so much, therefore, he visits you with suffering as he has always done with men and women saints. (28th December 1769)

By suffering out of love for God and with resignation to the Divine Will, you show that you love God not merely in words, but also in deeds. (3rd August 1773)

I rejoice to be on the cross of suffering. (23rd March 1736)

The more one advances in the service of God, the more suffering increases. This was the life of Christ, and this is the life of servants of the Lord. Let us embrace the holy cross with all our heart. (17th April 1734)

How beautiful it is to suffer with Jesus. I could wish to have the heart of a seraph to explain the loving need of suffering that close friends of the Crucified cherish, for they know that where there are crosses, there will be crowns in paradise. (6th February 1721)


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