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Passionist History and Spirituality Series

3 October, 2009

Booklet 1 – St. Paul of the Cross: The Congregation of the Passion of Jesus – What It Is and What It Wants To Do – “Accounts” sent to friends for the purpose of making the Congregation known.    [Number 1]

Booklet 2 –  St. Paul of the Cross: Guide for the Spiritual Animation of Passionist Life: “The Common Regulations of 1775”   [Number 2]


[Photo: St. Joseph’s Retreat, Monte Argentario, Italy]

The Life of Bl. Paul of the Cross by Strambi

3 October, 2009

Strambi Life

“A saint writing about another saint, a mystic discovering the ‘precious treasure’ of another mystic. Stambi’s work, therefore, may be described as a classic in the spiritual literature of the eighteen century within the ambit of the Passionist school” (History of the Passionists by Fr. Carmelo Naselli, C.P., Volume 2, p. 500)

The Life of Blessed Paul of the Cross by Fr. Vincent Strambi, C.P.  – Volume 1

The Life of Blessed Paul of the Cross by Fr. Vincent Strambi, C.P. – Volume 2

The Life of Blessed Paul of the Cross by Fr. Vincent Strambi, C.P. – Volume 3

The trust I always placed in God …

3 October, 2009


Thus did Father Paul, with that hopeful spirit of his, go joyously onwards through all the toils and fatigues of his long and laborious life. It is not to be supposed that he did not feel their wearisomeness. God even gave him a keener perception than most of the bitterness of his trials in order to enhance the merit of his crown. But at the same time He bestowed upon His servant a bravery and fortitude which encouraged and even consoled him under his heaviest burdens. In his last years, while walking in Rome with his confessor, he ingenuously exclaimed, “Oh, what sufferings! What rude treatments have I met within this city!” And in the last journey which he made to the Retreat of Monte Argentario, upon the road between Rome and Civita his companion, speaking to him in the pleasant strain which Father Paul used when he compared himself, out of humility, to a beast, inquired if he had ever carried burdens along these roads. He replied in the same tone, “Burdens, yes, whole cart loads! I went about, in the beginning of my work, from Rome to Monte Argentario, always on foot, through the piercing cold of winter and the burning heat of summer.” “Oh, what suffering!” he added. “The trust I always placed in God was the only support of the congregation; otherwise, it must have sunk under the opposition which it had to encounter.”

– from The Life of  Blessed Paul of the Cross by Fr. Vincent Mary Strambi, C.P., Volume 2 Chapter 5.