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Brother Isidore and the Will of God

6 October, 2009


The will of God looms large in Blessed Isidore’s life. Accepting God’s will, doing God’s will runs as an invariant throughout all his actions. He finds God’s will in the course of events whatever they may be, in the teaching of the Church, the Rule he professes and in the commands and wishes of his superiors. He searches for that will and he wants to know it. He wants to know his catechism and he assimilates it thoroughly. He is a most attentive listener to sermons and instructions. The Passionist Rule he absorbs, it becomes enfleshed in him. Without any subservience he obeys his superiors implicitly. They are God’s representatives to him.

True, there is a shade of resignation, often, when he mentions the will of God. Of having no other choice anyway. That is how his mother used to talk: “That is the will of God and there is nothing one can do about it but accept it.” He speaks of the will of God when things go wrong; when they go right, he says: “God provides.”

There is no trace of anxiety in Isidore’s life or letters but he certainly lives in a supernatural atmosphere. Making┬áhis early morning offering at two also makes his day. It makes him overflow with joy to think that his whole day will be lived for God. His parents must be told. All through his nine years in religion he will thoroughly enjoy the monastic rhythm of prayer and work, of work and prayer, “which, as you know, is all I ever wanted.”

– The Life of Brother Isidore De Loor, C.P., by Fr. Marcellus Claeys, C.P. Melbourne 1976.


Feast of Blessed Isidore De Loor

6 October, 2009

On 6th October each year the Passionists celebrate the Solemnity of Blessed Isidore of St. Joseph (De Loor), Religious. Pope John Paul II declared him blessed on 30th September, 1984.


From the Letters of Blessed Isidore, Religious

Look at this, already it is a year since my profession; and still I feel each moment more at home in the quiet life of the monastery. I cannot begin to describe for you the treasure which the Lord has given me by calling me to this state of life. Here, in fact, one lives far from that turbulent world which drags so many down with it to unhappiness and perdition; here one lives free from an excessive anxiety for the substance of life which must be provided daily. It is my total submission to obedience – whether I am praying or working to sleeping – that is most meritorious before GOd, who ever abandons his own who want to love him fully. Furthermore every day we religious have the joy of being united with Jesus in and through our Holy Communion, which strengthens us for bearing joyfully the burdens of the life and submitting ourselves to all things according to the will of God; this is a treasure very little recognised in the world and even less esteemed by it. What the world most desires is pleasure, even though it is so rarely achieved: and when it is, how fleeting it turns out to be and how near it is to death. No one ever think about this. With death everything ends. But I, who are a religious, have nothing, nor should become attached to anything – parents, family, worldly diversions – I am always ready to take my step toward eternity and receive from God the recompense promised to those who have left all things to follow him.


Lord God, in Blessed Isidore’s spirit of humility and work you have given us an example of a life hidden in the shadow of the Cross. Grant that our daily work will be a praise to you and a loving service of our brothers and sisters. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.