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Francesco Maria Arboreo di Gattinara

14 October, 2009

 15 Gattinara

Francesco Maria Arboreo di Gattinara was born on 13th January 1658.  A former Provincial Superior of the Congregation of the Clerics Regular of St. Paul, commonly known as the Barnabites, he had been Bishop of Alessandria for fourteen years, when he received the young Paul of the Cross for him to explain what was on his mind. Paul began by making a general confession, then shared with the Bishop the inspirations he had received about wearing the black tunic, going barefoot and living in poverty. As he told his story the Bishop was moved to tears. When Paul had finished Bishop Gattinara asked him to write it all down.

After a period of discernment, Bishop Gattinara agreed to clothe Paul in the black tunic and let him begin his penitential life.

He left Alessandria in 1727 to take up his appointment as Archbishop of  Turin (Italy).

Archbishop Gattinara died on 14th October 1743.  

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“A time of grace for England and Wales…”

14 October, 2009

A time of grace for England and Wales … that is how the visit of the relics of St. Therese have been described …. Read more here

“Some would see this pilgrimage of the Relics as something of a bygone age breaking into the 21st century, something which has little relevance to modern society and its needs. Others would be concerned that the Church is raising the hopes of vulnerable people who come seeking a miracle.

However, many more see this Visit of the Relics as a very important moment in the life of the Church in England and Wales which will bring hope and renewal to the lives of many. For we believe that when someone like Thérèse has lived their life very close to God on earth they become a way in which God can touch the lives of many others with his love. And that continues to be true, even after their death. So, to venerate the relics of such a person brings us very close to them – and then they will always lead us closer to God and challenge us to imitate them in their love for Him. So when we welcome her relics into this church after Mass, we shall find ourselves very close to St Thérèse; we will be aware of her prayers for us; she will lead us to rediscover God’s love for us; and she will challenge us to renew our love for Him in the way we live our lives.

St. Thérèse is one of the most well-loved saints of the Church.”