Feast of St. Paul of the Cross

Joyfully celebrating the feast of St. Paul of the Cross, we ask the God of love and mercy to preserve in the family of the Passion the spirit of our founder. We cry out to him: Lord, through the passion of your Son, make us holy.

Lord, you gave up your Son to die for us, and in his name you wish the whole world to be saved – make us true apostles in promoting the mystery of the cross.

Lord, you pardoned the penitent thief through the merits of your Son’s passion – may all sinners look upon Christ Crucified that they may be converted.

Lord, you willed that through the St. Paul of the Cross the family of the Passion should flourish in the Church – grant that all the members of this family may persevere in the calling with which you have honoured them.

Lord, you made St. Paul of the Cross an ardent lover of the passion of your Son – may we follow his example by contemplating the Passion and thus grow in love.


2 Responses to “Feast of St. Paul of the Cross”

  1. Glenn Dallaire Says:

    Thanks for the articles in preparation for the memorial of St Paul of the Cross. I especially appreciate the unique photographs!

    Here in the USA we celebrate the memorial of St Paul of the Cross this upcoming Tuesday, October 20.
    ~St Paul of the Cross, pray for us!
    May God bless you and yours.
    Glenn Dallaire

    PS- For those interested, I have a website devoted to St Paul of the Cross and another devoted to St Gemma Galgani located here:
    http://www.saintpaulofthecross.com and also http://www.stgemmagalgani.com

  2. Michael Says:

    And what a joy it is to be a member of this Family of the Passion. Yesterday we celebrated the Transitus with Bishop Neil, CP as well as the CP sisters. The guys are all in the U.S. for a pre-chapter meeting. Much love from your little brothers of the Mission Society of the Passion and the Immaculate Heart of Mary [Mission Society of Mandeville]

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